Air And Weather

Investigation 1: Exploring Air

Investigation 1, Part 1: Air Is There

Focus Question: What can air do?

Air is a state of matter

What is matter?

Matter is anything that takes up space.

There are three states of matter: Solids, Liquids, and Gas

Air is a gas

1.Gases don't have their own shape.

2.Gases have the shape of their container.

3.Gases take up space.

What can air do?

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Investigation 1, Part 2: Parachutes

Focus Question: How does a parachute use air?

Friction and Air Resistance Video (Teacher Access Only)

What is a parachute?

A parachute is a piece of cloth that catches air to slow a person or object that is falling.

What happened when you flew your parachute indoors?

What made the parachute float down so slowly?

Where is the air?

What is the difference between flying a parachute outdoors with indoors?

Read Chapter 1: What Is All Around Us?

Investigation 1, Part 3: Pushing on Air

Focus Question: What happens when air is pushed into a smaller space?

Investigation 1, Part 4: Air and Water

Focus Question: How can water be used to show that air takes up space?

Investigation 1, Part 5: Balloon Rockets

Focus Question: How can compressed air be used to make a balloon rocket?

Investigation 2: Observing the Sky

Investigation 2, Part 1: Weather Calendars

Focus Question: What is the weather today?

Investigation 2, Part 2: Measuring Temperatures and Daylight

Focus Question: What time of day is the air the warmest?

Investigation 2, Part 3: Watching Clouds

Focus Question: What types of clouds are in the sky today?

Investigation 2, Part 4: Observing the Moon

Focus Question: What time of day can we observe the moon?

U.S. Naval Observatory Complete Sun and Moon Data

Investigation 3: Wind Explorations

Investigation 3, Part 1: Bubbles in the Wind

Focus Question: How can bubble be used to observe the wind?

Investigation 3, Part 2: Wind Speed

Focus Question: How strong is the wind today?

Investigation 3, Part 3: Pinwheels

Focus Question: How can pinwheels be used to observe the wind?

Investigation 3, Part 4: Wind Vanes

Focus Question: What does a wind vane tell us about the wind?

Investigation 3, Part 5: Kites

Focus Question: What weather conditions are good for kite flying?

Investigation 4: Looking for Change

Investigation 4, Part 1: Change over a Month

Focus Question 1: How can we describe the weather over a month?

Focus Question 2: What does the Moon look like at different times during a month?

Investigation 4, Part 2: Daylight through the Year

Focus Question: How does the amount of daylight change over the year?

Investigation 4, Part 3: Comparing the Seasons

Focus Question: How does the temperature and weather change over the seasons?