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Unit 5 Week 4

Unit 5 Week 4

“Great Ideas”

Big Question:

What difference can a great idea make?


Question of the Week:

How can a great idea make our lives easier?


Big Book:

“Discover the Life of an Inventor:

Orville and Wilbur Wright


Amazing Words:

gadget, equipment, convenient, engine, pilot, steer, cellar, furnace



Diphthongs oi, oy

Suffixes –er, -or


Song of the Week:

“A Box of Gadgets”



Story of the Week

“Simple Machines”

Author: Allan Fowler

Genre: Expository Text


Comprehension Strategy:



Comprehension Skill:

Main Idea and Details


Story Words:

machines, vacuum, pulley, inclined planes, surface, axles



against, goes, heavy, kinds, today


Read Aloud

“Using Machines”

An Article about machines people use to make their lives easier.




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