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Unit 5 Week 1

Unit 5 Week 1

“Great Ideas”

Big Question:

What difference can a great idea make?


Question of the Week:

When does a problem need a clever solution?


Big Book:

“Digby Takes Charge”


Amazing Words:

clever, intend, predicament, grumpy, exhausted, furious, batter, griddle



Diphthongs ow, ou

Final Syllable -le


Song of the Week:

“A Clever Way Out”



Story of the Week

“Tippy-Toe Chick Go!”

Author: George Shannon

Illustrator: Laura Dronzek

Genre: Animal Fantasy


Comprehension Strategy:

Monitor and Clarify


Comprehension Skill:

Character, Setting, and Plot


Story Words:

breath, disagreed, favorite, potato bugs, tippy-toe



along, behind, eyes, never, pulling, toward


Read Aloud

“The Bravest One of All”

A story about a baby bird.




Imperative Sentences