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Unit 4 Week 3

Unit 4 Week 3


Big Question:

What do we treasure?


Question of the Week:

What treasures can we find in our country?


Big Book:

“Out of the Ocean”


Amazing Words:

nation, symbol, tourist, abandon, splinter, sunken, harbor, statue



Vowel Digraphs oa, ow

Three-Letter Consonant Blends


Song of the Week:

“If You Were a Tourist”



Story of the Week

“A Trip to Washington, D.C.”

Author: Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard

Illustrator: Dean MacAdam

Genre: Expository Text


Comprehension Strategy:

Important Ideas


Comprehension Skill:

Facts and Details


Story Words:

capital, country, documents, government



found, mouth, once, took, wild


Read Aloud

“City Treasures”

An article about city treasures.




Adjectives for Size