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Unit 3 Week 6

Unit 3 Week 6


Big Question:

What is changing in our world?


Question of the Week:

What do animals do when the seasons change?


Big Book:

“What Makes the Seasons?”


Amazing Words:

hibernate, migrate, temperature, autumn, freeze, bitterly, weary



Comparative Endings -er, -est

Consonant Pattern -dge


Song of the Week:

“Animals All Know”



Story of the Week

“Where Are My Animal Friends?”

Author: William Chin

Illustrator: Scott Gustafson

Genre: Drama


Comprehension Strategy:

Background Knowledge


Comprehension Skill:

Draw Conclusions


Story Words:

butterfly, goose, raccoon, spring, warm



before, does, good-bye, oh, right, won't


Read Aloud

“Home Sweet Home”

A story about a robin that must leave her nest.




Contractions with Not