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Unit 3 Week 5

Unit 3 Week 5


Big Question:

What is changing in our world?


Question of the Week:

What changes can be seen in nature?


Big Book:

“What Makes the Seasons?”


Amazing Words:

cycle, develop, insect, rearrange, flurries, emerge, fragile, vessel



r-Controlled er, ir, ur

Contractions with 's, 've, 're


Song of the Week:

“Life Cycle”



Story of the Week

“I'm a Caterpillar”

Author: Jean Marzollo

Illustrator: Judith Moffat

Genre: Literary Nonfiction


Comprehension Strategy:

Text Structure


Comprehension Skill:

Fact and Opinion


Story Words:

caterpillar, chrysalis, crawl, pupa, shiver



done, know, push, visit, wait


Read Aloud

“Fern’s Wild Job”

A story about an interesting job.




Verbs: Am, Is, Are, Was, and Were