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Unit 3 Week 3

Unit 3 Week 3


Big Question:

What is changing in our world?


Question of the Week:

What can we learn about animals as they grow and change?


Big Book:

“Mr. George Baker”


Amazing Words:

features, mature, natural, swoop, tumble, crumple, nibble, nudges, wriggle



Ending -es; Plural -es

Vowels: r-Controlled or, ore


Song of the Week:

“On Our Own Time Line”



Story of the Week

“The Class Pet”

Author: Nichole L. Shields

Genre: Expository Text


Comprehension Strategy:

Monitor and Clarify


Comprehension Skill:

Fact and Opinion


Story Words:

brown, fur, mouse, teaches



away, car, friends, house, our, school, very


Read Aloud

“The End of Summer”

A story about bear cubs who love the summer.




Verbs that do not add -s