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Unit 3 Week 2

Unit 3 Week 2


Big Question:

What is changing in our world?


Question of the Week:

What do we learn as we grow and change?


Big Book:

“Mr. George Baker”


Amazing Words:

attempt, event, time line, famous, flatter, correct, lovely, common



Consonant Patterns -ng, -nk

Compound Words


Song of the Week:

“On Our Own Time Line”



Story of the Week

“Ruby in Her Own Time”

Author: Jonathan Emmet

Illustrator: Rebecca Harry

Genre: Animal Fantasy


Comprehension Strategy:



Comprehension Skill:

Compare and Contrast


Story Words:

beautiful, father, feather, flew, howling, mother, night, precious



any, enough, ever, every, own, sure, were


Read Aloud

“Something Else To Do”

A story about a little chick named Cheep. She is learning how to live on the farm.




Verbs that add -s