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Unit 2 Week 5


Unit 2 Week 5


Big Question:

What is a community?



Question of the Week:

How are plant and animal communities important to each other?


Big Book:

“A Frog in the Bog”


Amazing Words:

environment, require, thrive, inhale, slimy, sludge, capture, creature



Long u: spelled u_e

Inflected Ending –ed


Song of the Week:

“A Good Environment”



Story of the Week

“Life in the Forrest”

Author: Claire Daniel

Genre: Literary Nonfiction


Comprehension Strategy:

Background Knowledge


Comprehension Skill:

Author's Purpose


Story Words:

hummingbird, leaves, squirrels, woodpecker, bear, forest



around, find, food, grow, under, water


Read Aloud

“The Life of an Oak Tree”

A story about how a tree.




Singular and Plural Nouns