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Unit 2 Week 3

Unit 2 Week 3


Big Question:

What is a community?



Question of the Week:

Who works to make our community a nice place?


Big Book:

“Walk Around a City”


Amazing Words:

citizen, community, law, leader, branch, headquarters, patrol, earn



Long i: spelled i_e

Consonant Digraphs wh, ch, tch, ph


Song of the Week:

“Our Community”



Story of the Week

“Who Works Here?”

Author: Melissa Blackwell Burke

Illustrator: Tim Spransy

Genre: Expository Text


Comprehension Strategy:

Important Ideas


Comprehension Skill:

Author’s Purpose


Story Words:

 busy, mail, neighborhood



live, out, people, who, work


Read Aloud

“Too Much Trash”

A story about what happens in town when the trash isn’t picked up




Special Titles