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Unit 2 Week 1


Unit 2 Week 1


Big Question:

What is a community?



Question of the Week:

What does a family do together?


Big Book:

“Walk Around a City”


Amazing Words:

chore, household, cooperation, rule, commute, subway, downtown, display



Vowel Sound in Ball: a, al

Consonant Digraphs sh, th


Song of the Week:

“We Like to Work Together”



Story of the Week

A Big Fish For Max”

Author: Rosemary Wells

Illustrator: Jody Wheeler

Genre: Animal Fantasy


Comprehension Strategy:

Predict & Set Purpose


Comprehension Skill:



Story Words:

 Sam, Ruby, Grandma



catch, good, no, put, said, want


Read Aloud

“Annie Helps Out”

A story about a girl who helps her brothers with their chores.




Common Nouns

Friendly Letter