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Unit 1 Week 6

Unit 1 Week 6

 “Animals, Tame and Wild”

Big Question:

How are people and animals important to one another?


Question of the Week:

What can we learn about wild animals by watching them?


Big Book:

“Jungle Drum”


Amazing Words:

desert, forest, world, chatter, silent, snort, medicine, poisonous



Vowel: Short u: u

Final Consonant Blends


Song of the Week:

“Big, Round World”



Story of the Week

“Animal Park"

Author: Judy Nayer

Genre: Literary Nonfiction


Comprehension Strategy:

Text Structure


Comprehension Skill:

Cause & Effect


Story Words:

park, zebras, hippos, elephants



home, into, many, them


Read Aloud

“The Fox Family”

A story about some wild foxes.




Exclamatory Sentences