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Unit 1 Week 4

Unit 1 Week 4

 “Animals, Tame and Wild”

Big Question:

How are people and animals important to one another?


Question of the Week:

How do wild animals take care of their babies?


Big Book:

“Jungle Drum”


Amazing Words:

observe, parent, wild, canopy, screech, million, reserve, native



Inflected Ending -s

Inflected Ending -ing


Song of the Week:

“Squirrel Song”



Story of the Week

“A Fox and a Kit”

Author: Leya Roberts

Illustrator: Charles Santore

Genre: Literary Nonfiction


Comprehension Strategy:

Important Ideas


Comprehension Skill:

Main Idea & Details


Story Words:

dinner, watch, animals



eat, five, four, her, this, too


Read Aloud

“A Rain Forest in the Zoo”

A story about a girl who goes to the zoo.




Declarative Sentences